Startup Showcase: Knowmail

Startup Showcase: Knowmail

Company: Knowmail
Founder: Oded Avital
Field: AI, personalised productivity
Kick-off: 2014

What’s your market and what problem do you address?

Knowmail operates within the employee communication/messaging world. We have developed an AI powered solution that helps information workers get more done while reducing stress from information overload. This leads to an increase in productivity by improving corporate communication and saving time.


What is unique about your solution?

Knowmail is using personalized Artificial Intelligence to reinvent messaging and help employees succeed more at work. Thanks to our powerful AI, we’re able to personalize our service to each user individually, so their inbox is prioritized to their needs, habits, behaviors, and experience, and is continually improving with use along with granting predicted next-best-actions, estimated time to completion, and more personalized productivity benefits. Using Knowmail, employees can improve their focus at work, reduce stress and effort, and improve work life balance.


What customers most benefit from your solution?

Knowledge worker employees in companies of 200 employees and above, who are suffering from email overload.


How long have you been on the market?

We began our journey in 2014 and our team is continuously growing.


What have you achieved and what’s next?

We have a strong AI partnership with Microsoft, who have made Knowmail available in Cortana for Windows 10 and Mobile, as well as begun co-selling Knowmail’s services to its Enterprise partners, clients, and users. In addition, we’ve recently collaborated with Avaya, offering our personalized AI for email platform within their unified communication device Vantage, so many more knowledge workers can receive the value of Knowmail.

Our offerings are currently available as an AI platform to be integrated into digital assistants, unified communication, as well as solution providers, thus granting enhanced capabilities within a variety of solutions.

In addition, end users may also find our mobile apps for iOS and Android, as well as within Cortana desktop or mobile.


What are you currently looking for?

We’re always looking for additional partners and companies who are looking to increase value to their own users thanks to a personalized email experience.


Where can you be contacted?

Email us at for any information about Knowmail.

Thank you!

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