Startup Showcase: Interview with Fixel

Startup Showcase: Interview with Fixel

Company: Fixel (
Industry: AdTech, MarTech

Can you tell us what market or problem you target?

Our market is marketing agencies and mid-size online retailers that have a significant spend on paid media. The challenge that marketers face is running data driven campaigns based on their users’ actual engagement – with a myriad of data points that they can’t make any sense of.

Manually segmenting is inefficient and data specialists are expensive. So oftentimes retailers either run ineffective campaigns or give up on them altogether.

What is unique about your solution?

Fixel bridges the gap between marketers and Big Data. Our goal is to simplify the data overload that marketers face and create an actionable signal that they can use in their day to day campaigns. Super simple install, zero maintenance and seamless integration to all major ad networks. For advertisers that means using their preferred ad networks, just smarter with better results.

Please describe your ideal customer.

Our ideal customer is an online business that deals with ecommerce or leads. They can already tell which products the user engaged with but lack the extra layer of the user’s actual intent. Their site receives traffic of 100K+ and they spend at least a few thousand $ on paid advertising.

What can you tell us about the founders?

Our team is made of two brothers – Etgar and Hadar. Etgar is a seasoned marketer who ran hands-on campaigns in the millions of $. Hadar is the techie, coming from senior Big Data roles in the Israeli army, where he established the first Operational Big Data team. Together we joined hands to solve a complex challenge using the most sophisticated tools out there.

What have you achieved and what is your next major milestone?

Our initial goal was covering the entire Israeli market, a target we hit in under one year, working with all major brands and ad agencies. We’ve also been selected as Israel’s leading MarTech solution for 2018. Our next milestone is penetrating the US & EU markets, partnering with major agencies to spread the Fixel word to new territories.

What are you currently looking for in the market?

We are always looking for new customers who can benefit from what we offer – mainly ecommerce and ad agencies. Alongside that, we also welcome tech partners that can drive synergetic value by integrating the Fixel AI brains with their solution, for example Marketing Automation software.

Where can we find out more?

You can get in touch with us directly at or even drop by our site to get a free 30 day demo of the tool

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