Startup-Showcase: Playgorithm

Startup-Showcase: Playgorithm

Company: Playgorithm
Industry: AdTech
Kick-off: 2017

What problem do you solve?

It is increasingly challenging for publishers and advertisers to compete for attention with other content on social media platforms and with other offers on online stores. A significant amount of social engagement and in turn e-commerce revenues are lost this way. Playgorithm enables publishers and advertisers to gamify and enrich their content in order to boost engagement and sales in an automatic and straightforward process.

What is unique about your solution?

We developed a gamification SaaS platform that creates unique multiplayer gaming experiences based on the advertiser’s existing content. For example, our platform can instantly turn any article or story into a playable experience that significantly increases user engagement, drives new organic traffic, and creates new revenue. Playgorithm allows digital content publishers to engage their users based on their actions, interests, and activities.

What does your ideal customer look like?

Our ideal customers are brands with a strong online presence and following who want to improve their marketing activities by finding new ways to engage, analyse, and monetise their audience. Playgorithm can generate a variety of interactions and activities with and for the brand’s audience.

Who founded the company and when?

Playgorithm was started in June 2017 by four partners: Chen Malka (CEO), Adi Tal (CTO), Yossi Doron (VP product), and Idan Ptichi (Head of R&D) My three co-founders have worked together in the same company for the past 5 years, while I had been their client. As a result of this, we operate well as a team and complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

What have you achieved and what are your next goals?

We have launched our platform this past March and since then gained traction and revenue from a variety of clients: International publishers, brands, and sports franchises. Our main focus is to scale our client base and market reach during the next 12 months, especially with publishers and marketing agencies in Europe and the US. We would also welcome a seed investment that can help drive our sales and marketing.

How can you be found?

You can find us as “Playgorithm” on the web, LinkedIn, and Facebook or email us at or me directly at

Thank you!

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