Startup-Showcase: Interview with Leaders

Startup-Showcase: Interview with Leaders

Company: Leaders
Industry: AdTech
Kick-off: 2009

Tell me a bit about your market and what problem you solve?

LEADERS works in the advertising industry – specifically influencer marketing.  Traditional advertising channels like television, print and standard banner digital advertising are all in decline in terms of effectiveness. Banner blindness is up where 86% of people can’t remember the last ad they saw online. Further, 47% use some sort of ad blocker extensions because they are tired of intrusive ads and seeing the same things over and over. 

As online media changes to being more social, brands need to follow suit. The average person spends nearly 2 hours a day on social media – following friends, family, news outlets, their favorite retailers and influencers. 

So LEADERS says, why not actually talk to these influencers? Today’s trust has shifted to these content creators that eat, breathe, sleep and post about their passions. These influencers actually create posts that resonate with their audience. Goodbye television and so long newspapers. Influencer marketing works today because people trust other people. 

 What is unique about your solution?

Influencer marketing companies concentrate on only one aspect of the campaign process. They may build a discover platform, app or a dashboard. Brands and agencies then need to work with several unconnected platforms to run a campaign which significantly slows execution time and leaves huge gaps in the process. Because of this disjointed work methodolgy, there is no standardization in terms of KPIs causing confusion and the possibility to fraud the system with fake followers. Influencer marketing the old fashion way can take up to 2 weeks to work with just 20 influencers. 

The LEADERS Platform fixes all this reducing execution time more than 90% allowing the brands we work with to run campaigns continually and effortlessly on one platform.

Describe your ideal customer.

We love working with lot’s of different customers since influencer marketing is so effective. B2C clients naturally lend themselves to this type of marketing since we are able to get them in front of the right eyes at the right times. Top brands today are increasing their influencer marketing spends and with our approach and technology, so we often work with them as well.

Who is on your team and when/how did you get started?

LEADERS was established back in 2009, even before Instagram was around! We realized that social media personas have just as much influence as traditional media. That the advertising ecosystem was on the brink of a major change from audiences watching to audiences participating–sharing, liking and commenting. We then created technology to address the challenges and opportunities we saw trying to run campaigns manually. We took out the guess work and gut intuitions to actionable data that yields meaningful results.

Today, our core management team consists of six individuals with significant experience in influencer marketing, covering all aspects of the business from business development and marketing to project management and technology.

What have you achieved and what is your next major milestone?

We’re a profitable company and have partnered up with four agencies around major markets in Europe and the United States. For example, in the Czech Republic, we have a joint venture with Publicis. They oversee the Czech market, Slovakia and Hungary. 

We currently have 20 million influencers in our database and more than 1,000 successful campaign experience with top brands like L’Oreal Paris, Samsung, Google, BMW, Reebok, Philips and many more.

We are currently working on our vision for our next major milestone, a platform that will allow anyone in the world to quickly run effective influencer marketing campaigns.

What are you currently looking for (investments, customers, partners, …)?

We’re looking for round A investors at the moment as well as strategic agency partners in the DACH market.

How to get in touch with you.

The best way is to contact me (Eran Nizri) directly. 

Eran Nizri CEO and Founder
Phone: +972-54-555-4431
Or Ben Johnston
Phone: +972-54-789-2366.

Thanks and B’hatzlacha (success)!

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